Monday, January 23, 2012


Good Morning!  I hope everyone had a good weekend.  I spent some time with family this weekend and that always makes me happy.  I showed my Mom how to use the baby bug Cricut that I gave her when I got my Expression and am hoping to see big things from her in her scrapbooking soon.  But what I did not do this weekend is spend any actual time card making or scrapbooking.  I spent a few hours in my scrap room trying to create and ended up with a big fat mess that I threw in the garbage quite honestly.  I posted this question on my Facebook page as well recently and did not receive any answers so I thought I would pose it here since I have nothing new that I have created to show you.  The exact quote from Thursday:

"Worked on some cards tonight for future design team posts but all my cards are starting to look the same. Any suggestions how I can change them up a bit?"

So, where do you turn to for inspiration?  I need some help desperately in this area.

I just want to finish this post by saying that I do appreciate each and every one of you who visit me on a regular basis and leave me comments.  That inspires me for sure! 

{{{{{HUGS}}}}}, Heather

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  1. Hey hun, sorry to hear your mojo is gone! I have a few suggetions;
    1.) come to my house and use my tools so you have different toys to play with =)
    2.) make a card using a colour you never would pick up on a regular basis.
    3.) look in your stash and use something that has been around since FOREVER!
    4.) use a tool that oyu have not use in a LONG time for a different effect.
    Hope this helps babe! Hope to see you real soon.


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