Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Latest Obsession.....Ummmm....Project!

Good Morning!  Glad you could come by for a visit today.  I said in an earlier post this week that I would show you the present that I made for my BFF.  Making these has become my latest obsession.....LOL!  Most of you know that I love to knit almost as much as I love to paper craft but sometimes it seems hard to find the time to do both so one usually ends up taking over.  Lately those have been my knitting projects.  Has anyone heard of the yarn called "Sashay" by Red Heart.  It is a yarn in much demand at the moment and where I work we get many, many phone calls daily looking for it.  I was lucky and able to find some and this is the result:

It is a hard yarn to described and these pictures do not really do it justice.  It is a twisted yarn that you pull down as you knit to form ruffles.  It can be knit in different widths depending on the look you want.  The grey one is mine; the blue one I gave to my BFF for her birthday.  And while we were watching the first and second Twilight movies, I knit a whole scarf in shades of pink and charcoal.  These are fun to work on and can be knit in an evening if I ever find more yarn.....and if anyone would like one, I will make them to sell, just e-mail or leave me a comment here.

I am linking these scarves in the Inspire Me Fridays link up party.

Hope you have a GREAT day and until next time, Happy Crafting!!!

{{{{{HUGS}}}}}, Heather


  1. Beautiful scarves. Makes me want to learn how to knit.

  2. I LOVE these! My mom just made me one last week! I think mine is the same colours as the blue one! I want one in every colour lol. I am sure you friends loves it!

  3. Oh love these my neighbor made me one for Xmas and I love it.. Where oh where did you find the black and white we have looked for it.. Take Care

  4. These are gorgeous, they sold at the craft sales last Christmas. My friend bought some of the yarn at wallyworld.

  5. Beautiful, i love to knit but it does take sooo much time..i tend to crochet if i can. Super fine..tfs

  6. Hey BFF, I LOVE my scraf and have already accessorized an outfit and wore it to work on Monday :) Thank you so much for making me a wonderful birthday gift, I LOVE IT!!! Socks!


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