Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Taste of Spring

Hello my crafty friends.  Today is the first day of Spring and guess what it is doing outside my window?  SNOWING!!!  Very fine and not sticking around, but yes, there is white snow falling from the sky.  Up until two days ago, my wonderful hubby was blaming me for all the snow we have had.  I had THIS on our front door (Link is to a snow wreath I made last year).  So I got crafty on Monday and now this sits on our front door:

I wanted something bright and Spring-like and that is what this is for sure.  I bought a 12" metal wreath form and wound the mesh through each section about 9 times.  It took me a lot longer than I expected and became a lot larger in the process than my original plan but I like the results.  Added a few bunches of flowers here and there as that was all it seemed to need.  And, viola, a pretty pink wreath!

Happy Spring y'all!  Someday soon the weather should co-operate too :)

{{{{{HUGS}}}}}, Heather

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