Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mixed Media Canvases

Good Morning.  It is the weekend and I am off!! Whoo hoo!!!  It is exciting for a couple of reasons ~ I work retail so only get one weekend off a month and it is one more sleep until I head for beautiful British Columbia to visit my family.  So looking forward to that and some good quality grand baby snuggles (I hope ~ it has been a while since they have seen me!)

I hinted that I have been working with other mediums lately besides just paper crafting.  I have two mixed media canvases to share that are both very different in style.  I enjoyed both and look forward to making some more.

This first 12" x 12" ecru canvas was made with scrapbook paper and Mod Podge along with a wood element that I painted and distressed.  Lots of flowers and pearls are the finishing touches to this one.  It is a very pretty canvas and is my style even if it is outside the box a bit.

The second 8" x 8" canvas is using more "art" supplies ~ heavy duty gesso, stencils and lots of paint.  It also incorporates a scrub brush (covered in pink paint), bubble wrap and a plastic shot glass.  Lots of fun and messiness involved.

I think I may incorporate both styles into my next one using the paint and stencil and adding the bits and bobs such as the flowers.  Who knows?  The sky is the limit with creativity.  So glad I took the chance and gave it a try.

What new thing will you try today???

{{{{{HUGS}}}}}, Heather

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  1. Such a cute card!!! So happy to be part of this team with you!!!!


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