Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Creative Space

The very first thing I want to share is my creative space. This is the room in my apartment where I can spend countless hours working on projects, sometimes to the dismay of my family as I lose all track of time. Someday I would actually like to paint the room pink but for now I will settle for the white furniture with the pink and brown accents. Notice the pink TV.....this was a Toys R Us find on sale for a great price. Usually there is a "chick flick" playing in the background as I create.

This is the way the desk opens and is where I store a few things including my Cricut. Because the room is fairly small I have to make the best of the space I actually have.

This is one of my favourite things in my craft room. It is obviously a place where all of my ribbon is stored. But the fact that my father made it for me as a birthday present makes it extra special.
Alright, off to be creative as I have a special
request for a card.....

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