Thursday, May 13, 2010

Crafting Can Wait....or Not!!!

For some reason I have just not been into my craft room in the last week and a half.  Yes, I have been busy but not really THAT busy.  I don't believe I am losing interest (GASP!).  So, what's the real reason?  I *think* it is because I do not want to start something that I can not finish.  This is the BIG weekend, the one that the new room is being painted.  My things are being moved over during the week.  But I made a promise to myself that unless I love it or have a proposed use for it not one of the supplies from my space now is going to make it into the new space without being looked at.  That's a big job in and of itself, never mind the painting and the moving.  After I organize it I am having somewhat of a scrapbooking/papercrafting garage sale.  To make room and money for things that I do love to use  :)  Okay, I am out of here to do at least one shelving unit today so the task doesn't keep staring me in the face.

Oh, and if any of you are wondering, PINK won out.  It will be gorgeous and I hope to spend lots of time in there when it is finished!

Have a good Thursday, my friends!

Big hugs, Heather

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  1. Yay! I remembered my password!

    I would have the same problem, have to stop and make something. I finally cleaned up my desk, so now I actually have room to make a card or page, and I am seriously going to attempt a scrapbook page, on what I'm not sure, I will let you know though!

    Good Luck with the room Switch!


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