Friday, June 17, 2011

And yet again......more wedding things!

Good morning, my blogger friends.  This has been a crazy busy week for me as I get ready for a garage sale that I am having at my parents on Saturday and a wedding celebration that is happening on Sunday.  Along with working there hasn't been much time to do anything for me :)  I do have some craft supplies in my garage sale but I think it would be way too far for most of you to come. 

On to what I have been doing.  As many of my great followers know, my son got married last month in a very intimate ceremony out of town.  But they wanted a chance to celebrate with all of their extended family and friends so on Sunday we are gathering at a park pavilion for a picnic to do just that. 

Here is the sign I made to put on the pavilion so people know they are in the right place:

And I wanted something little for all the guests to take home so I made 100 of these lollipops using Accent Essentials scalloped circle and punched out the sentiment printed from the computer.  Each ribbon was tied and taped as they were falling off the stick.  They look super simple but took me much longer than I thought.  I do like the result though and am glad I went to all that work so that we have something to remember this day by.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I do plan on being around a bit more now that things have calmed down from the wedding with more challenge entries and more of my own things but the best laid plans.......

Okay, off to pack up for the weekend.  I have one more shift to work and we head out.  Now let's just pray the weather co-operates for Saturday and Sunday.

{{{{{HUGS}}}}}, Heather


  1. What a lovely idea! Hope you have a lovely picnic and weather is nice for you :-) Lolly pops are cute!

  2. Super sweet. I just love the colors and what a great idea....for my daughters wedding i wasn't into the paper projects yet and for their giveaway at the table i made 150 C's and 150 S's lolly pops in different flavors and made black bags tied with it took me so long but she loved them. TFS!

  3. Well, the rain seems to be all here in NS. So I hope that means you have the nice weather there :)


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