Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake....and Decorate it Too

Good Morning.  Today my post is not about paper but about something new I am trying.  And getting to spend time with my amazing Mom in the mix.  I have worked at a store that offers cake decorating classes for almost 5 years now.  I kept saying I wanted to take the classes but my it just never worked out with my schedule.  Well, with my new position being mostly evenings, I was able to fit in an afternoon cake class and asked my Mom to come with me and she surprised me and said yes.  Now both of us have always baked but we have learned many tips about leveling, filling and icing a cake that are new to us.  Here is my first finished class cake:

A close up of the cupcake:

and just to see the dimension of the icing:

It does not look like that anymore.  It is half gone already.  It is a good thing we really like cake in this house because I have to make at least one more before the end of the class and the next one will have flowers on it :)

And, just because my Dad sent me pictures here is my Mom's finished cake as well:

A close up of the cupcake:

Isn't it interesting how different colours and placement of icing and embellishments like sprinkles can change the look of a cake just like with paper crafting?

Thanks for coming by to view my new adventure.  Have a great day as we head to the weekend.

{{{{{HUGS}}}}}, Heather


  1. Awesome! This is very, very good! :) Now I want to go make a cake.


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