Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Whimsy Jar Swap

Good afternoon! 

I just wanted to share with you something that I received in the mail yesterday.  I have been a part of a message board for a long time now (since 2004 I think) and have joined in on swaps on that board from time to time.  A couple of months ago I signed up for a Whimsy Jar swap and the colour that I wanted my jar to be in was pink.  Guess that's a surprise for those that know me well....NOT!!!  My jar arrived yesterday and was so packed full of goodies that after I had taken them all out I could not get them back in.  Here is a picture of the jar as it arrived full and the contents after I had taken them out:

I have pictures of the jar that I made as well but as far as I know the recipient has not received it yet and I do not want to spoil it for her (I don't think she reads here but ya never know).  I am looking forward to placing the jar on a shelf in my new craft room.  This was a fun swap and I would sign up for it again in a heartbeat.

Have a great day, my friends!

{{{{{HUGS}}}}}, Heather


  1. wow thats amazing....and very pink!

  2. What a cool swap and jar full of pink goodies! I love doing swaps. It's nice to get some "fun mail" every once in awhile. Thanks for sharing!


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